Smile by Tad Worku

Yoshi’s September Artist Spotlight Presents: Tad Worku
Yoshi’s San Francisco: September 27th, 8pm
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Photo from last weeks video shoot!

I’m In Love (lyrics)

I’m In Love

Written by Tad Worku

Verse 1
See there’s a girl who means the world
Someone who will stay
Till you’re old and grey

I am at the start I got my heart
Not rushing to say
But when I find the way

To your heart and girl I find you
Cute and smart and if you’re kind too
Just know you’ll hear me say

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Welcome to my blog!!

Hey guys! I just wanted to thank you for coming by and checking out my website! I will keep you posted on upcoming shows, music giveaways, and everything else that’s going on! I always appreciate your feedback so leave me any comments that you have and i’ll try and respond to everything! Thanks for your support!!

-Tad Worku